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How I created my arid leopard gecko Vivarium

Hi guys 🖐🏻 Kayleigh here

As many of you know I have a Male blue nosy be panther chameleon, a crested gecko, a whites tree frog, a bearded dragon and recently wanted to add a Leopard Gecko to my family.

I decided to create an arid set up for her and this is how I did it.

First I purchased the Vivarium and chose a background, I chose this lovely background which has natural rocks and wood to give the vivarium more depth. I had already planned I wanted to create a corner in the Vivarium for some succulents.

I created a barrier using slate tiles from bnq glueing them together to make the Height using a hot glue gun which when cooled turns to plastic making it completely safe to use with reptiles as it’s also non toxic.

I positioned the wall in the Vivarium and chose a selection of succulents I wanted to use.

I have used a layer of clay drainage balls followed by earth mix and gravel then planted the succulents.

My design Idea contained slate, and grey decor so I have matched my design using the NEW Aztec range by Exo Terra. Medium Cave x2, water bowl and small food dish. I used an aquatic ornament which matched the design as well as a piece of slate and an aquatic rock piece.

Here is the finished Vivarium 🙂 I hope you like it

Lily Is currently enjoying settling into her new home


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