Marine Coral Stock List Living Reef Aquatics Reptiles Living Reef Aquatics Reptiles

Marine Coral Stock List

Coral Stock List September 2021 

Acanthastrea bowerbanki

Acanthastrea Lordhowensi

Acanthastrea echinata

Acropora sp. We have a vast selection of frags, some of the current ones are mentioned below.

Acropora Cali tort, Acropora home wrecker, Acropora Joker, Acropora Pikachu, Acropora red dragon, Acropora Bali shortcake, Acropora Staghorn, Acropora Tenius, Acropora Vermiculata, Acropora white smooth skin


Cataphyllia jardinei blue tip

Chalice coral Hollywood stunner, Chalice Jason Fox Halloween, Chalice Jason Fox sunnyside, Chalice mummy eye, Chalice Purple, Chalice Tyree robakaki, Chalice red

Clove polyp – lighting strike clove

Cyphastrea Jingle bells

Cynarina lacrymalis

Duncans coral

Euphyllia ancora, Euphyllia Frogspawn green, Euphyllia hammer gold/green, Euphyllia tri-colour

Torch coral glabrescens, gold Torch coral, Metallic green Torch coral, Rasta Torch coral, Yellow/Gold Torch coral, 24k Gold Torch coral

Favia sp Mars attack Favia, Mayan sun Favia, Maize Favia, Platygyra

Goniopora red, Goniopora red\yellow, Goniopora sunset, Goniopora metallic green, Goniopora mint green

Seriatopora hystrix, Birds of paradise hystrix, green Hystrix, Pink Hystrix

Leather Coral toadstool

Leather coral finger

Leptastrea Burning embers

Lobophyllia various colour forms

Montipora Confusa, Montipora Digitata forest fire, grafted Montipora Capricornis, Montipora Capricornis green, Montipora Capricornis red, Montipora LA Laker, Montipora setosa, Montipora rainbow, Montipora red digitata

Moon coral Western Australia Barabattoia

Mushrooms blue mushrooms, red mushrooms, Iron man mushrooms, Fuzzy green mushrooms, Yuma mushrooms, Ricordea Florida mushrooms, Rhodactis


Pectinia space invader, Pectinia ultimate space invader

Scolymia bleeding apple, Scolymia super orange

Stylophora purple, Stylophora green

Seriatopora pink/green

Symphyllia wilsoni

Star polyp, Jasmine star polyp

Trachyphyllia Ultra, Trachyphllia fluorescent green,

Trumpet coral caulastrea various


Zoanthids various available – we have these beauties in stock as frags now!

Zoanthid – Zoa alien anti venom, Zoa armour of god, Zoa bowtie blasta, Zoa candy apple red, Zoa lime Chile, Zoa OG vampire, Zoa pink zipper, Zoa purple hornet, Zoa ring of fire, Zoa red kedd, Zoa red people eater, Zoa rainbow incinerator, Zoa rainbow Woodstock, Zoa scrambled egg, Zoa sonic flare, Zoa space chaos, Zoa sunny D, Zoa super girl, Zoa Tyree orange, Zoa VDM, Zoa Victoria secrets, Zoa yellow brick.

Marine Coral Stock List Living Reef Aquatics Reptiles Living Reef Aquatics ReptilesMarine Coral Stock List Living Reef Aquatics Reptiles Living Reef Aquatics Reptiles


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