Ceramic Heaters are ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening.


Infrared Heating Lamp, emits no UV-B or UV-A  

Some species of reptile will require a seperate source of UVB lighting to supplement the heat source.


Being Infra-Red, these lamps emit no visible light and as such are the perfect choice for many systems where heat is required throughout the day and night without disturbing essential circadian rhythms with unwanted light.


The Arcadia Reptile ‘Ceramic Heat Lamp’ produces and projects high quality deep ‘Infra-Red’ heat far into an enclosure.


Being a natural source of heat Infra-Red is readily used and can help to further stimulate natural biological function.


These high quality E27 lamps have been produced to the highest of standards and finished in an attractive and unobtrusive black.


The Arcadia Reptile ‘Ceramic Heat Lamp’ benefits from a 1 year guarantee and if used correctly should provide you with many years of targeted heat.


To further protect your animals and to extend the life of the lamp these lamps should be used with a suitableThermostat and checked regularly with a separate thermometer.

A Heat Lamp safety cage can also be used to protect your reptile from contact with the heat source.

Arcadia Ceramic Heater Bulb, 50 Watt