• Provides your reptile with essential Infra-Red A and B
  • Reptile Heat Source
  • Heats deep into the muscle tissues
  • Energy efficient
  • Wide beam and fast warm up
  • E27 screw fit, Dimming stat ready
  • Long life


The Arcadia Reptile ‘Deep Heat Projector®’ or ‘DHP’ provides essential heat deep into the body in a safe and natural way as a usable ‘flood’. This will allow captive animals to use heat just as they would in the wild, without the risk of overheating associated with tight beam heat lamps. The projected heat is then available to the animal just as it would be in the wild, via direct exposure to the skin and via radiated heat as the stones and decoration used under the basking zone radiate the heat back upwards, providing wild-like belly and flank warmth and increasing the ambient temperature.


The ‘Deep Heat Projector®’ actually uses far less power than many standard heating systems. In-Fact a 50w ‘Deep Heat projector’ can outperform a 100w CHE or tungsten heating lamp in heat generation and projection.

This revolutionary lamp has a very thick internal reflector, this means far less of the heat produced is wasted. The Arcadia Reptile Deep Heat Projector® also heats up very quickly, reaching and maintaining the target temperature well.

As with all reptile heat products, use a with a control thermostat which will provide you with accurate control of your thermogradient

Arcadia Reptile Deep Heat Projector, 50 Watt