Marine Reef Aquarium with the latest AI Hydra 32HD Led lighting package.

Total aquarium water volume including sump of the Reef-Pro 900 is 290ltrs. 


This Aquarium has some great features, designed to be wider than it is tall, they have created a more balanced aspect ratio which greatly enhances the viewing experience, allowing easier and more natural aquascaping and coral placement .

Stylish cabinet being extra tall (90cm) which offers great viewing height for the aquarium.

Aquarium cabinet is available in a nice selection of colours, available in high gloss and matt wood effect.

The D-D Reef-Pro Aquarium offers a flexible design, which provides an easy to use robust system that can be tailored to suit even the most demanding aquarist and includes all of the essential features required for keeping a successful aquarium.



Built in low iron high clarity glass, the aquarium features a brace less design producing a clean and modern display with easy access for maintenance tasks. A standard weir box can become an unattractive focal point in any aquarium, dictating aquascaping to try and hide it and interrupting flow patterns inside the tank. With this in mind the invisible weir box of the PRO-Reef models has been carefully designed to minimise intrusion into the aquarium whilst exceeding the functionality found in most aquariums.


  • Sleek, extra tall cabinet that offers the perfect viewing height for the aquarium. 
  • Modern, heavy duty cabinet construction with high quality finish to compliment the home environment.
  • Extra height internal space for installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Cabinet supplied pre-assembled as standard.  No flatpack!
  • Removable quick release, bi-folding door to offer improved access for maintenance.
  • Lacquer coated, fully adjustable, soft close hinges.
  • Adjustable feet to allow correct levelling of the aquarium on uneven floors.
  • Good ventilation incorporated into the chiller and sump areas. 
  • Separate chiller section with storage shelf included on larger models only (not the 900)



  • Twin filter socks for super fine prefiltration of the water. 
  • Filter sock silencing to remove any annoying trickle. 
  • Large skimmer / equipment section. (Skimmer not included)
  • Refugium section for caulerpa bed or for growing coral frags. 
  • Pump chamber. (Pump not included)
  • Large top-up reservoir.  


The tall cabinet provides good headroom for the use of taller equipment and ease of maintenance, they have also included a double fold back door and soft close hinges for even better access.


LIGHTING bundle included;

What could be better than teaming up your beautiful new aquarium with the improved Hydra 32HD lighting and slimline brackets.

Hydra 32HD offer you

• More LEDS

• More PAR

• More Spread

• Improved Optic Design

• Improved Water Resistance

• Thinner Profile

• Dedicated Moonlight Channel

• Wider Spectrum (channels)

• Easier and Faster to Connect to MyAi app


OVERALL DIMENSIONS L x W x H (cm) 90 x 61 x 148

CABINET - 90 x 61 x 102 (cm)

AQUARIUM - 90 x 61 x 46 (cm)

SUMP – 67.5L x 46W x 38T (cm)




Hydra 32 HD x 2 with simple built in control via app.

Slimline tank mount Gen2 x 2



When installing an aquarium it is of the upmost importance to provide a level base, unlevelled cabinets can stress the glass and can result in an uneven water level in the aquarium. The D-D aquarium cabinet design includes heavy duty adjustable feet allowing for accurate leveling of the cabinet and aquarium.

D-D Reef-Pro 900 With LED lighting