Gamma NutraPellets Vitality Boost

Suitable for feeding new or stressed fish for up to six weeks. Use as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and no wastage. With added colour enhancers and a specially formulated mix of green and red marine algae.

Use in conjunction with Gamma Nutra Complete, and Liquid Feeds as well as Gamma Frozen and Gamma Dry Foods to provide a varied diet and maintain your fish in optimum condition

Suitable for marine, tropical, coldwater, Cichlids and Discus

Ingredients: Cereal derivatives, seaweed derivatives, spirulina, crustacean and derivatives, aquatic appropriate yeasts, natural protein based binders, garlic, aloe vera, natural stabiliser, acidity regulator, antioxidants, vitamin A 22,500 IU/kg, vitamin d3 2,500 IU/kg, vitamin E 400 mg/kg, vitamin C (stable) 150mg/kg

Gamma NutraPellets Vitality Boost - 120g