The ICP-OES Saltwater Aquarium Test lets you know levels of toxic and harmful substances that may be in your aquarium.


Want to know if your water contains heavy metals? Want to be sure your water filtration system is good enough? Do you own an aquarium with demanding organisms? To ensure proper supplementation, the level of trace elements and elements requires periodic water testing. The ICP-OES study also lets you know levels of toxic and harmful substances.

What is the ICP-OES analysis?

ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry) is a technique used to analyze the composition of many different types of liquid samples, eg drinking water, sewage, saline or sea water.

Our ICP-OES spectrometer is the highest-resolution plasma-screen spectrometer with a unique, patented optical system with horizontal and vertical plasma.

Wavelength range 130-770 nm. Analysis and processing of the entire spectral spectrum in 2 seconds. Thanks to a fast reading system, you can analyze elements with a sampling rate of up to 10Hz.

In our laboratory we examine: Li, Si, I, Ba, Mo, Ni, Mn, Be, Cr, Co, Fe, V, Zn, Hg, Se, Cd, Sn, Sb, As, Al, PB, Ti, Cu La, Sc, W, Ca, Mg, K, Br, B, Sr, S, P, PO4 + Salinity + KH!

TEST 1 - Aquarium

How to do the test in a few simple steps

1 - Rinse 2x sterile vial in the water of your aquarium and then fill it with water. Make sure the vial is tightly closed.
2 - Register on our website. Use the code on the vials to register your sample.
3 - Address and send your sample.
4 - We will let you know by e-mail about the availability of your results at

MarinLab ICP Aquarium Test 1



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