Equipped with natural defenses against green water algae, Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water is a 100% natural treatment with barley straw extract, for combating suspended algae blooms without using any chemicals. Goodbye Blanket Weed contains 8 weeks worth of treatment in 8 water soluble sachets.

All you need to do is drop 1 sachet per 4546 litres directly into the pond filter or direct flow once a week. For best results, double the dose on the first treatment. You cannot go wrong with Goodbye Blanket Weed, the all natural composition of the pond treatment product ensures there is no risk of overdosing.

Goodbye Green Water leaves pond water inhospitable for the growth of new algae, allowing your pond water to remain cleaner with improved living conditions for all of your pond fish and plants. The innovative pond water treatment also reduced maintenance. 

Nishi Koi Goodbye Green Water