Malachite Green from NT Labs treatment for fungus and external parasites in your pond.


External parasites such as Ichthyopthirius (White spot), Trichodina, Costia, Chilodonella, and Epistylis are frequent troublemakers in the fishpond. They attack and live in the mucous layer of the fish and can cause extensive damage to your fish, even causing fatalities.


NT Labs advise to only use this treatment twice, if symptoms persist speak to a ponf fish specialist for more advice.


Symptoms of parasitic infection:

  • White patches
  • Fluffy white growths
  • Grey slimy appearance
  • Erratic swimming
  • Scratching against rocks and other decor


To treat these parasitic complaints use 10 ml of Malachite Green for every 176 UK gallons of (800 L) of pond water.

NT Labs Malachite Treatment