Mature your Reef Aquarium in 21 days with Red Sea's Reef Mature kit.

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Product 1 

Red Sea’s Reef Mature Pro is a complete step by step program that prepares a new marine aquarium for the long term success of an artificial reef. Typically the preparation process that is often called ‘cycling’ establishes a thriving colony of aerobic nitrifying bacteria that convert the toxic waste products to nitrate. This program however completes the biological maturation process by also establishing thriving colonies of anoxic (de-nitrifying and phosphate harboring (PHB)) bacteria. Furthermore the program provides the necessary conditions that will promote the growth of coralline algae and other micro fauna found in live rock and within a sand bed. The complete reef maturation program, which requires a period of 21 days, will result in a fully matured system that will be biologically ready for stocking all animals including delicate SPS corals. Includes:

  • Nitro Bac 

    - a concentrated blend of nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria spores to seed the live rocks, substrate and the bio-media in a new tank
  • Bacto-Start 

    – a balanced blend of nitrogen and phosphorus components that simulate the natural waste products of an active aquarium, enabling a controlled development of the aerobic and anoxic bacteria
  • NO3:PO4-X 

    - a unique complex of carbons and other organic bonded elements that are used by anoxic bacteria for the accurate control of algae nutrient (nitrate and phosphate) levels
  • KH-Coralline Gro 

    – a concentrated marine buffer complex, fortified with the specific minor and trace elements that promote the growth of coralline algae and other beneficial micro fauna. Note: Coralline algae and micro fauna will only develop if they are introduced to the system such as on live rocks


Product 2 

Multi Test Kit for your Marine Aquarium -  includes the test pH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrate.


Complete multi-test pack including all of the tests necessary to support the Reef Mature Pro.


Glass vials & easier to read colour scales. Includes:

  • Ammonia: This advanced colorimetric test has been redeveloped to measure the total ammonia (NH3/NH4) to an accuracy 0.15ppm.

  • NO3/NO2: These tests have been redeveloped to a single kit with a common reagent.Nitrate test can be used for dosing NOPOX for fish systems.

  • pH/KH: The KH test has been redeveloped in a simple titration format (drop from the bottle) that gives an accuracy of 0.5 dKH.

Red Sea Reef Mature Kit & Marine Care Test Kit Combo

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