Red Sea ReefWave 45 Wavemaker Pump

The Red Sea ReefWave is a wave pump which is based on the Gyre patented, crossflow technology providing optimal Reef-Spec waterflow around the aquarium regardless of position.


The ReefWave smart pumps are nearly silent, smart and powerful. Their design makes them very easy to maintain and provide optimal water flow for corals. They come with Crossflow technology, 5 programmable wave patterns. Dedicated Wi-Fi controller, Easy set-up and use with the Reef Beat app.

The ReefWave pumps and be either controlled via the included controller or via the built in Wi-Fi on Red Sea’s Reef Beat App. Various pre-set wave patterns available ensure customizable flow patterns to suit the user’s specific needs, these pre-sets are as followed –


Regular - Uniform - Step - RandomSurface

The Red Sea Reef Beat app stores customizable programs with the ability to add various wave patterns over a 24 hour period, these are stored and can be previewed, edited or deleted at any time.


The ReefWave 45 is a 15,000 LPH pump using a maximum of 45W. It is recommended to be used on an aquarium 60 - 200 cm in size with a maximum glass thickness of 20 mm


At a glance

Dimensions ( Length x Height x Width), 31.5cm x 5cm x 8cm

Suitable for aquariums 60cm -200 cm / 2ft -6ft in size.

15,000 LPH turnover.

Max power usage of 45W.

Suitable for up to 20mm thick glass.

Red Sea Reef Wave 45



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