The REEFER™ Deluxe incorporates the all-new ReefLED™ lighting units with Red Sea’s custom mounting system into the REEFER reef ready systems in a convenient single package.

REEFER™ 750 XXL Deluxe  System - 4 x ReefLED™ 90


At the heart of the ReefLED is a compact Led array that provides a reef-safe range of REEF-SPEC light through a single REEF-SPEC Blue (23,000 Kelvin) channel that consists of an optimum combination of ultraviolet, violet and blue LEDs and an 8,000 Kelvin white channel. In addition, it has a separate dedicated 3W Moonlight channel to provide the low levels of light for reef-safe nighttime viewing.The ReefLED includes a single optical-glass, hollow lens that creates a homogenous light, giving a dramatic coral coloration and a gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.


ReefLED is controlled by Red Sea’s ReefBeat® App which provides a wide range of easy to use functions such as random clouds, acclimation for new installations and a lunar cycle for the moonlights.


The custom mounting system attaches firmly onto the rear wall of the tank and can be rotated to the upright position during reefscaping or other tank maintenance. The REEFER™ Peninsula Deluxe come with a customized hanging system for the ReefLED™ lights.


REEFER™ Deluxe is available for all models with 1, 2, 3 or 4 LED units according to model.


The bespoke mounting system bolts firmly onto the rear wall on the tank and can be rotated to the upright position during reefscaping or other tank maintenance.


Features of the Red Sea REEFER™ include:

  • Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • Elegant marine-spec cabinet
  • Professional refugium ready sump with adjustable height skimmer chamber. *
  • Micron filter bags and filter cups. *
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required

*(not all features available on REEFER™ 170)



Main Features:

Ultra clear front and side glass
Ultra clear front glass thickness (mm) 19 (3/4?)
Built in surface skimmer
Integrated automatic top up system
AI Hydra 26™ HD (90W) x 4

System Volumes:

Display tank water volume (L) 602 (160 gal)
In cabinet sump water volume (L) 150 (40 gal)
Total system water volume (L) 750 (200 gal)
RO reservoir volume (L) 28.5 (7.5 gal)

System Dimensions

Display tank length 180cm
Display tank height 60cm
Display tank width 65cm
Total system height with cabinet 148cm

Sump Dimensions 

Water height 21-27cm
Skimmer chamber 71 X 51cm
Pump chamber 33 X 28cm



Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 Deluxe White

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